Here are a few samples of what our clients are saying about Susan Fasold’s massages…

  • “The drive from Winter Garden is well worth it! I love the deep muscle work and oils you use! You are the best!” -Kathy
  • “Thank you Susan! This is the most relaxed I’ve been in years!” -Dana
  • “Thank you Susan! I enjoy each visit!” -Ken
  • “Thanks Susan! As usual, you’re great!” -Coretta
  • “Thank you. I will tell EVERYONE to come see you!” -Ashley
  • “I’ve had a knot in my back for weeks that I couldn’t get rid of. When you get done even my toes were limp! Your instructors must be SO000 proud of you!” -Tom
  • “Wonderful as ALWAYS!” -Michelle
  • “I’m alive again!” -Mara
  • “Aaaaahhhhhhh!!!! Thank you!” -Heidi
  • “Thank you for a great massage! I feel like a new person!” -Debbie
  • “Thank you for caring and sharing so much! I always feel better after a session with you.” -Ashley
  • “Absolutely the best one hour massage in Central Florida.” -Tom
  • “That was a remarkable massage!” -Connie
  • “Thank you not only for your healing touch, but also for your kindness and compassion. Much gratitude.” -Mary
  • “Susan is a blessing and a great massage therapist!” -Anita
  • “So enjoy Susan as a person first and also as a massage therapist.” -Rebecca
  • “Susan has always been my favorite very professional and a great person. I would recommend her to everyone!” -Trisha
  • “What a wonderful experience! Thank you so much!” -Annette
  • “Susan is a true blessing in my life! An amazing massage therapist! A wonderful warm sensitive soul!” -Jacalyn
  • “I usually come in her a huge bundle of knots. But in one hour Susan turns me into a big bowl of jello! I can’t imagine how much energy that much take from her! But I will always be grateful that she does it so wonderfully and so consistently. She must be an angel!” -Tom
  • “Susan, that was an amazing massage!!! I think you have made me a convert. Can’t wait to tell my husband about you! You are wonderful!” -Jill
  • “Susan, I would not be moving in another week if I hadn’t seen you! You are amazing! You take years off my age! I appreciate you so much!” -Michelle
  • “My visits here are often the best parts of my month. It’s so great to have someone so caring as a friend. Thank you for being so good at what you do! Your instructors must be soooo proud!”
  • “Susan, thank you so much for your MAGICAL TOUCH! What a wonderful, peaceful place! I feel full of peace right now! Thank you! Thank you!” -Denise
  • “Susan, thank you for being true to your profession and abilities giving quality time to all those who enter your doors.” -Becky
  • “Aside from feeling completely rejuvenated by the treatments I receive here, I have learned about professionalism and attention to detail that create trust in a business setting.” -Mary
  • “Susan’s massages are the most relaxing I have ever had! She really knows how to make people relax with her warm environment and her pleasant attitude! I. Latham
  • “Susan does a great job every time. She gives outstanding massages and has a super attitude and personality. I always look forward to our sessions.” Jeff D.
  • “Susan is a wonderful massage therapist. She listens to your needs and ensures you relax and enjoy each and every massage. Her hands are magical!”-Debbie P.
  • “This massage was so awesome! Relaxing and just takes the stress right out of your body! I wish I could do this every week! You couldn’t get a better massage!” -B. Gallo
  • “This is not my first massage from Susan. I have seen her for the past year. I have had massages since 1998 due to a horrible car accident and out of the ten different therapists, Susan is by far the #1 BEST! She has been the only one to get me 100% free from all knots in my back and neck. Your are the BEST Susan, keep up the awesome work!! -Theresa
  • “Susan is WORLD CLASS! I have been seeing her for many years and am still amazed how great she is as a massage therapist. She’s the BEST!” – Anita C.

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